My Favorite Side Sleepers Sleeping Bags of 2022

orange sleeping bag

Before making 100s of dollars worth of investment on a sleeping bag there are many things you should consider.

Things like temperature rating, price, quality, comfort, and so on but besides those, you should give special attention to the shape of the sleeping pad and also the size depending on what you are looking for

Size– I don’t know how some people manage to sleep in a super tight sarcophagus-looking sleeping bag I wish I could do that but I like sleeping bags that are spacious. Most sleeping bags are designed to trap body heat and to occupy as small space as possible which makes them very small and uncomfortable and as a side sleeper you want something that is loose and comfy.

Shape– The same things apply here you have to chose a shape that is more loose and wide, which means mummy sleeping bags are not the ones you should go for it is either rectangular or spoon-shaped sleeping bag that fit side sleepers well

Quick note– The first three sleeping bags are the only ones I have tried, I haven’t tried the rest 5.

These are the best sleeping bags for side sleepers

1. Sierra Designs Cloud 800

Sierra Designs Cloud 800

A sleeping bag couldn’t get better than Sierra Designs Cloud 800(amazon link), when am saying this I mean it! first of all, if you are looking for a budget sleeping bag just stop right here and go to the next sleeping bag because this thing is not cheap🙂.

So, I bought this sleeping bag around 7 months ago when I was surfing through the web and I came across this Reddit thread ‘side sleepers sleeping bags’ someone recommended this bag and so I started doing some research and people love it so I gave it a shot and guess what it has been my favorite sleeping bag since😀.

Finally, I Combined this sleeping bag with the Sea to Summit Ether Light XT sleeping pad now I have got myself the ultimate side sleeper camping sleeping setup

This video describes everything beautifully, I just can’t describe it more so if you can watch the video watch it and continue reading.

First of all Sierra Designs have the best sleeping bags, they pour energy to bring out the best camping gears and this sleeping bag is a prime example. I don’t know if I am making it look like a paid advertisement but this is how excited I am about this sleeping bag.

Unfortunately, it is a mummy-shaped sleeping bag, mummy-shaped sleeping bags are not your friend but this is one is an exception, With some quilt properties and very wide space, this is probably the only sleeping bag I have slept in that is warm enough to sleep in freezing temperatures but it isn’t tight on my body to the point where you can’t have a comfortable sleep

First of all this sleeping bag doesn’t have any zipper like a traditional sleeping bag it has a kind of blanket thing that you open and closes which I personally love it is super easy to get in and out and I was tired of zippers on sleeping bags in general.

foot vent

There is also an opening for foot venting which is useful if it gets too warm. It looks like a kangaroo pouch if you look at it from the back. if you are like me and your feet are always cold just ignore it.

This sleeping bag also has a sleeve underneath that can be attached to your sleeping pad which is nice for people who tend to move around while sleeping it keeps you on your sleeping pad, i mean you don’t want to wake up on the floor with a sore neck right😃

The temperature rating on this sleeping bag is also amazing. The comfort rating which means the temperature that you can sleep comfortably to on this sleeping bag is 26°F while the lowest you can go is around 15°F. personally, I have experienced temperature up to 30°F- 35°F and I was pretty comfortable the whole night.

You have three choices to choose from depending on your height and gender. They are tall-men, regular-men and Women’s and I bought the tall men one, it fits people up to 6’ 6”. I am 6’ 1” and skinny and I can swim in the tall-men’s size.

Weight32 oz.29 oz.28 oz.
Shoulder girth62 in.60 in.59 in.
Hip girth60 in.58 in.58 in.
Lengthfits up to 6ft 6infits up to 6ftfits up to 5ft 8in
Foot box girth42 in.40”39 in.
size chart

What about the price? as you might have guessed it is not cheap, but what you have to know is, investing in a decent sleeping bag is a very important thing, experienced campers know this already, but beginner campers fall into thinking that they can do it with a cheap sleeping bag but that is very far from the truth.

A sleeping bag is probably the most important camping gear. I confidently say it is better to buy a cheaper tent or cheaper sleeping pad and buy a good sleeping bag rather than buying a high-quality tent and get a cheap sleeping bag.

It is filled with a down material, it is also a dry down which means it will dry up quickly if it gets wet.

What are the things I don’t like about Sierra Designs Cloud 800?

  • Heavy and bulky: this sleeping bag is not lightweight, I mean the regular size weighs 29 oz which is amazing for the temperature rating but some people don’t need this they just want something simple.

It is actually sold on amazon if you like it you can check it.

2. NEMO Men’s Riff

nemo men`s riff

Nemo is a very reputable company that makes the greatest products in the outdoor niche.

NEMO Men’s Riff is a high-quality sleeping bag that is loved by many and it is a sleeping bag that can last years without any problem(i can’t emphasize it more). I have had this sleeping bag for more than 2 years and it still looks brand new for that I have big respect for Nemo, they make you want to buy more of their products.

screen shot from describing nemo

First of all this sleeping bag is specifically designed for side sleepers, in other words, it is spoon-shaped which means It is wide around the feet and the hip area so that you can curl your knees while you sleep which also makes it easier to move around while sleeping.

You have two temperature ratings to choose from, 15°F and 30°F, and as always they are more or less on point with their temperature ratings. I own the 15°F I have gone through freezing temperatures with this bag and I recommend it if you are planning a tough hiking trip.

Long_30°34 oz.6’6″
Regular_30°33 oz.6′
Long_15°41 oz.6’6″
Regular_15°39 oz.6′
long_Women’s_30°38 oz.5’8″
Women’s_30°33 oz.5’5″
long_Women’s_15°46 oz.5’8″
Women’s_15°43 oz.5’5″
nemo mens riff in a tent

The main difference between the men’s and the women’s is, the women’s sleeping bag has a wider hip while the men have wider shoulders. But generally speaking, this sleeping bag is wider than most sleeping bags

it is waterproof which is nice for people who camp all year-round this is like a bonus.

What I didn’t like about the sleeping bag is that the zipper is on the left side which might not be comfortable for people who are used to get zipper on the right side.

when it comes to pricing this bag is more or less expensive, here You can take a look at amazon.

3. HIHiker mummy sleeping bag

Best budget

Hihiker is a budget-friendly sleeping bag with decent quality. So if you can’t afford the Sierra Designs Cloud 800 or the NEMO Men’s Riff this can be a good alternative.

As I have said as a side sleeper you don’t want something that is too tight, and hihiker is broad around the shoulder all the way to the bottom.

The quality is not the best but I mean this sleeping has 1/4 of the price of most sleeping bags on the market so you shouldn’t expect a premium sleeping bag.

So, I also have bought this bag from Amazon and I have used it for 2+ years and I also haven’t had any defects or problems using it.

The one thing that bugged me before buying was the fact it doesn’t have a size choice and it says it can fit adults up to 6’ 2” I am 6’ 1” and it fits me well I don’t know it will fit well for guys who are 6’ 2” though, I barely fit.

The sleeping bag will come with a soft pillow which is very nice, it is specifically designed for the sleeping bag and it fits well it is also very soft and lightweight and it also allows air passage, it is like a pillow that stays cold on both sides😀.

What is the temperature rating on this bag? I would say you can comfortably sleep up to 30-35°F but the official rating is 20°F. So you don’t have to worry about cold night sleeps in a summer season or something, but if you are going for a rough camping trip in a snowy season I defiantly don’t recommend this.

It also has a lifetime warranty, and they have clearly stated that they will change the sleeping bag if you have any problem or any defects while trying to use it.

Personally, I have never had any problems with this sleeping bag but I have read their warranty carefully and they clearly stated you can get a new one if anything happed to it with no cost except shipping

with the tiny pillow it comes with, it weighs around 5pounds, 4.5pounds to be specific, So this sleeping bag is not that lightweight I mean you can say it is good for a 20°F rated sleeping bag but you can definitely find a sleeping bag that weighs half of this with the same temperature rating.

the outside layer is polyester which makes it water-resistant not waterproof though, water-resistant while the inside is made from double-layered cotton which makes it warm and cozy.

and lastly, You have three color choices orange, blue and black and it also comes with a compression sack.

yeah, this sleeping bag is on the cheaper spectrum so you shouldn’t expect a premium sleeping bag to be honest but I can definitely tell you it is a decent sleeping bag if you like it you can also check it on amazon.

4. Active era 4-season sleeping bag

Active era 4-season sleeping bag

best backpacking

I also have not tried this sleeping bag for myself, so the review is solely based on customer reviews and the product description.

First of all, I love the fact that it is not expensive whilst having good reviews and it is made with what seems to be fairly high-quality things.

Active era is not a big brand in the outdoor niche like Nemo and Sierra Designs, but this sleeping bag has over 4000 reviews on amazon. the price is about $30 which is nice if you are not ok with spending a big amount of cash which also makes sense if you are a beginner camper.

So the temperature rating is from 15° to 50°F I don’t know what that means though 😂 I mean that is a wide range, from what I have read the optimal temperature to sleep in it is from 35° to 50° it is also windproof so if you are hammock camping that is a big plus.

This sleeping bag is also not waterproof but it is water-resistant which means it can protect you to some degree but it can get wet if there is prolonged contact with water.

The other thing is this sleeping bag is it is only for short people 😂you have to be shorter than 5’11” yeah I am saying 5’10” is short what are you going to do about it😐😂

The shipping weight is 1500g(3.4 pounds), which is way more than the average sleeping bag So it is on the light side of sleeping bags.

When compressed this sleeping bag is around 17.8 x 10.5 x 8.7 inches, so it is fairly small you can fit it into small backpacks which makes it suitable for hiking and backpacking.

This sleeping bag has its drawbacks, one of the drawbacks is the zipper is kinda cheap! many people have complained that the zipper is crapy and it doesn’t work smoothly. I wouldn’t say that is a big surprise because the sleeping bag is very cheap. I mean you get what you pay for but They have a full money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like it you can ship it back to them and have your money.

This sleeping bag is sold on Amazon for about $30.

5. Sea to summit spark

Best side sleepers sleeping bag for cold weather!

A high-end sleeping bag that I would recommend to anyone, check out this video it is a full review of all the sizes and all the different temperature ratings

Sea to Summit Spark Down Sleeping Bag

This is a very lightweight sleeping bag with amazing durability which makes it suitable for hiking and backpacking, it also comes with an amazing compression sack which makes it easier to put it in a backpack

What makes this sleeping bag nice for side-sleepers? well not to forget it is mummy shaped and it is made for cold weather sleeping bag it is wide from up to bottom also it is wide at the shoulder area and very well made which makes it easier to move around.

This Sea to Summit sleeping bag has five temperature ratings to choose from and they have big weight and volume difference

50° F8 oz.0.9 L
40° F12 oz.1.5 L
28° F17 oz.2.5 L
18° F17 oz.1.9 L
5° F31 oz.6.6 L

The sleeping bag comes with two sizes (regular and long) the regular fits people up to 6 feet tall, while the long version fits people up to 6.5feet.

This sleeping bag hasn’t sold that many on amazon but they have sold hundreds on their website.

The price can be from $200 to $450 depending on the size and the temperature rating you pick.

6. Hyke & Byke Katahdin

Hyke & Byke Katahdin

A mummy sleeping bag with a fair price that is fairly suitable for side sleepers. I decided to include this sleeping bag after I read a couple of reviews that mentioned that it is nice for side sleepers.

I haven’t tried this sleeping bag but I can tell you one thing this thing made for cold weatherSo you have a couple of temperature ratings to choose from, 0F and 15F.

The price for this sleeping bag range from $130 to $140, which amazes me, I mean how often do you get a quality 0F rated sleeping bag for this price.

You have two sizes to choose from, regular and long. the regular is for people shorter than 6′ while the long one fits people up to 6′ 5″. As you might have guessed this thing is heavy, the regular size weighs 3.54 lbs while the long one weighs 3.91 lbs.

You also have two colors to choose from gray and green.

7. Coleman palmetto sleeping bag

Coleman palmetto sleeping bag

So I have talked about all the heavy-duty sleeping bags now I want to add one simple sleeping bag to spice thing up a bit. this is a rectangular sleeping bag that is loose and comfy for side sleepers.

This is a sleeping bag for the price If you are tight on a budget this thing is for you. In other words, this is a high quality sleeping bag at an amazing price.

Not that you cant find cheap sleeping bags but most are low-quality and they might get worn out in a short time but this sleeping bag is a very highly rated sleeping bag and that is of course for its high quality.

So how much is the price? It is around $26 but always don’t forget that you can buy a used one for less price!

This sleeping bag is big though! it weighs 4.07 pounds and it is not super lightweight bad news for backpackers and hikers this is not for you but car campers will love this

It has a temperature rating of 40 degrees so it is pretty good for medium temperature but anything lower than 30 degrees might be too cold to sleep.

Best sleeping bag for side sleepers summary:

Sierra Designs Cloud 800Mummy15°F-26°F29 oz.
NEMO Men’s Riff Spoon15°F-30°F33 oz.
HIHiker mummy sleeping bagMummy20°F72 oz.
Active era 4-season sleeping bagMummy30°F51 oz.
Sea to summit sparkMummy5°F-50°F17 oz.
Hyke & Byke KatahdinMummy0°F-15°F56 oz.
Coleman palmetto sleeping bagRectangular30°F64 oz.

What is the best sleeping bag shape for side sleepers?

The shape of the sleeping bag is a big factor in deciding whether a sleeping bag is comfortable or not especially for side and stomach sleepers.

When it comes to shape you have three choices, mummy, rectangular, and spoon. as a side sleeper you want something that is wide at the shoulder, around the hip area, and around where your knees bend.

This in mind you would go for a rectangular sleeping bag because it is the widest. with a rectangular sleeping bag, you will have plenty of space but you have to sacrifice warmth the wider the sleeping bag the colder it becomes, which is not a thing you want if you are camping in a cold season.

So your best bet is a spoon-shaped or a loose mummy-shaped sleeping bag which means you get the comfort you want and stay cozy at the same time.

Does getting a bigger size sleeping bag useful for side sleepers?

Absolutely! size of the sleeping bag is the second thing you have to give attention to when you are a side sleeper trying to get a good fit sleeping bag, if you usually buy a regular size sleeping bag going one size up can be great.

Sleeping pad matters

It is not only the sleeping bag that makes a difference sleeping pad also play a big role, I have written an article on my favorite side sleepers sleeping pads I would love it if you check it out