How much is a bundle of mesquite wood


If you are thinking a fireplace in your house or you are about to go camping and you are wondering how much a bundle of mesquite firewood costs, well

The average price of a bundle of mesquite wood ranges from $3 to $15, The price will vary depending on the quality of wood and where you opt to buy it, In rural areas where wood is more copious, you can get a bundle for less than $3.

But hear me out, buying wood in a bundle is very old-fashioned, what I have been doing instead is I buy them from online stores. that way I can choose what I get, read reviews, and get the best price.

How much is Mesquite wood?

The price of mesquite can be anything between 3 bucks up to 10 bucks, while the quality of the wood affects the price the main factor is where you buy the firewood.

PlaceAverage Price/Cost of firewood
Walmart/home depot$6 per bundle
Grocery stores/Local Gas StationUp to $8 per bundle
Campsites$7 per bundle
Online stores$40 per 10 pounds

What is the best place to buy firewood?

The best to buy your firewood from online stores– however, campsites sometimes require or recommend you to use local firewood to prevent invasive species and the spreading of pests. It is also against Canadian law to bring firewood from the USA for personal use without an appropriate permit and vise versa.

If you are planning to take firewood to your campsite it is nice if it is heat-treated, most boxed firewoods are in fact heated, which means you can take them anywhere you want, that is why I recommend buying firewood from online stores

Online stores

The best place to buy firewood is from online shopping sites, they offer a lot of choices and there is competition between suppliers, which means they deliver the best product at a fair price, especially because firewood is not a one-time purchase it makes online suppliers compete for consumers more.

Online stores don’t sell wood bundled like grocery shops, they sell it in cubic meters which is better in my opinion because it is more accurate. Also when buying from online stores you have a multitude of choices, from heat-treated to untreated, different wood types; oak, maple, and many more, but most importantly unlike physical stores you have a chance to read what other people say about the product.

My favorite mesquite wood has been this one on amazon I have been using it for like a year now, it is called “Smoak Firewood ” it has been doing a great job, it is red oak and it lasts for a long time I take it for family camping trips, it says it is pest free which might be important if you want to take it to a campsite or take it out of state.

Local Gas Station/Grocery Stores

Firewood is easily accessible in local gas stations, they are often laid on the entrance of the budling. however to buy firewood from a gas station you might have to spend a little more money than you normally would because they sell it at a higher price.

Generally, I would avoid buying firewood sold in local gas stations because the quality mediocre and the fact that it is sold up to $10 for a bundle doesn’t make sense.

On the other hand, grocery stores aren’t commonplace to buy firewood, but in cold places such as new york, they are far more common than you think, ask the store employees if they sell firewoods if they don’t sell it they will probably tell you where you can find them.

If you decide to buy the wood from a grocery store make sure it is not rotten, the way to tell rotten wood is by checking its density. Rotten wood tends to have a very low density because pests infect the inside and make it hollow.


In some campsites it is illegal to bring your own firewood due to pest control, so you might have to buy it from the campsite or you can get it from nearby stores, which actually makes it easier for you because you won’t have to carry a bunch of firewood from your home to your camping site.

It is also illegal to cut trees for firewood in most campsites if you don’t have a special permit, so don’t try that, but you can collect broken tree branches if you don’t mind hustling a bit.

Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart

These three places have a variety of firewoods to choose from, especially lowes and home depot. you can choose and read reviews on their website, then you can go pick it up from the actual store or they will deliver it to you with a fee.

However, Amazon is the place I highly recommend because we all love Amazon and they have very good delivery services, not only that but because customer reviews are very important which are easily accessible on amazon.

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