My Favorite Women’s Hiking Boots With Wide Toe Box

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No two feet are the same. In fact, statistics indicate that even with your own feet, your left foot is likely to be from one-third of an inch to three inches bigger than your right! So, it’s no surprise that some shoes fit certain people better than they do others. Most shoe manufacturers aren’t used to take this into consideration. But now they’re making shoes designed to fit everyone.

Now I don’t think I should mention that uncomfortable shoes can ruin any occasion, especially hiking. Trust me, the last thing you want to be thinking about is the annoying ache in your feet, especially when you’re far from home and won’t be changing into your crocs any time soon – it can be torturous.

So, before you go shopping it’s good to have the right information, which means that you definitely need to know what size your feet are. Feet tend to swell and get bigger at the end of the day, so that’s usually the best time to make measurements.

The most straightforward way to measure your feet is to trace both feet onto a piece of paper and compare them to see which one is bigger. Then, take the measurements of the foot, from heel to toe for the length and at the widest point of the foot for the width. Lastly, find the right size on a sizing chart.

How to Size Your Foot(length and width)

With such a wide range of hiking shoes to choose from it’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated, Which is why I have decided to write an article.

If you have no time to read this is our final choice, Foxelli Women’s Hiking Boots on amazon.

Quick note- out of the nine boots we have reviewed in this article, the first four are the only ones we have our hands on(by we I mean me and my wife)

Why should you trust us? our recommendations are purely based on our experience, we are not saying you should buy any of the products listed. we are just recommending products we had a good experience with. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Foxelli Women’s Hiking Boots

Foxelli Women’s Hiking Boots
first day we got it

When you talk about women’s hiking boots the first thing that will come to people’s mind is the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus or Merrell’s Moab 2, not that they are bad, they in fact are fantastic, but these boots right here should get some recognition too.

Foxelli Women’s Hiking Boots, one hiking boots I would say every female hiker should own. By the way, this is not a sponsored review if you feel it is, it is because we really admire it.

Back story- So, we first came across these boots on amazon, at first we were hesitant to buy them because we were not familiar with the brand, I mean it is not a brand that has a big reputation like Keen or Merrell, – however, after some online research we decided to give it a shot because of all the positive Amazon reviews, It was a nice decision we made now they are my wife’s favorite hiking boots.

First and foremost I don’t advocate these boots for day hikes, they are heavy-duty, I feel like day hiking boots more versatile, low-cut, with minimal ankle support this is the quite opposite, it has a mid-rise with strong ankle support.

Foxelli Women’s Hiking Boots rubber sole
brand new out of the box

The sole is made of rubber and It has outstanding traction, I am not the most technical person but I can tell you they have a strong grip on wet surfaces slippery surfaces.

If you have been trying hiking shoe you probably have that annoying shoe that keeps untying, well if you have noticed from the picture above these boots have wavy(twisted looking) laces, well those are called non-slip laces, they are not the most aesthetically pleasing laces– however, they do their job quite good.

So the major question do they fit well for people with wide feet? absolutely! so you have two versions a wide and a regular, we bought the wide version, and I can tell you it has plenty of toe room, not only that it feels super sturdy and snugly despite being roomy if that makes sense.

My wife’s feet is about 4 and a quarter inches wide and her size is about 8/8.5, we got the size 8.5-wide version and it fits perfectly with nice thick socks.

And finally, I want to mention that these shoes come with wool socks and extra laces. I don’t recommend using the socks, but the extra laces can be useful.

At this point you might be thinking they cost $250, they actually are not expensive at all. We bought them from Amazon for around 90 bucks in the April of 2020, the price goes up and down depending on the season, but it is a quiet fair price check it out on Amazon if you are interested.

One last thing, They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if the one you got doesn’t fit you well, ship it back and order one size up.

Oboz Women’s Sawtooth Low B-Dry

such a great review from backcountry watch it.
Oboz_Women_s_Sawtooth_Low_B-Dry (1)

This right here is one of the best women’s hiking shoes, If you’re someone who often goes on long trips carrying a heavy pack of gears a shoe that’s durable and up to heavy-duty is important, then the Oboz Sawtooth might be nice boots to consider.

You’ll find that these shoes fit snugly and are comfortable even when trudging over rocky terrain.

The midsoles are well-cushioned at the heels and the forefoot so that the shoes will absorb the impact of your footfalls both on inclines and flat surfaces, which will keep your feet from getting sore and achy by the end of the day.

It has a very wide toe box, and even if you are not someone with a wide toe getting a shoe with a wide toe box can be beneficial.

The placement of the eyelets and the design of the heel and insole work together to keep your feet securely in place without needing to tighten the laces to the point where they’re cutting of circulation. The outsoles are rigid and durable, designed to handle particularly rough terrain like volcanic rubble and sharp rocks.

Oboz Women’s Sawtooth Low B-Dry

You have a low-cut and a mid-rise version, for day hikers I recommend the low-cut but if you are someone who hikes hardcore like if you are planning to hike through the Appalachian trails the get the mid-rise.

The most obvious downside that comes with the build quality of the Sawtooth is its weight. The chunky outsole and all the rubber on the sides might weigh you down just a bit, but considering its durability and stability, the extra weight is usually a price that most are willing to pay.

I am not sure about the waterproofing capabilities of these shoes because we have only tried them in dry places, the breathable fabric on the top of the shoe makes me think it is not waterproof, so I might as well try pouring water on it and update you guys, but don’t take me wrong I know for a fact it is water-resistant.

Check it out on amazon if you like it.

Merrell siren Edge 3

Merrell siren Edge 3

The Merrell Siren Edge 3 is a sneaker-like shoe that Merrell designed specifically for women. This shoe has a number of positive traits worth mentioning and the most important one for our purpose is that this pair of shoes is great for women with wide feet and provides plenty of toe room.

As always Merrell has done everything they can to make this pair of shoes as conducive to the female foot as possible. By using what they call Kinetic Fit TRI insoles they’ve tried to provide support to the three arches of the foot namely the medial longitudinal arch, the lateral longitudinal arch and the anterior transverse arch. Although this insole is useful and a lot of people like it, it’s not for everyone. Which is why they’ve made it removeable so that you can swap it out for an insole that’s comfortable for you.

The upper is made of thermoplastic polyurethane which makes is light and elastic, perfect for everyday use and moderate hiking. This lightweight pair of shoes will serve you well in various of situations.

But I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy hiking. It’s better suited for walking around on stable surfaces that don’t have loose rocks or other such things that could cause you to twist your ankle or stumble. But it wouldn’t be the best option for technical or heavy hiking because it lacks support compared to other hiking boots. The soles are flexible and rubbery which makes for great traction on both dry and wet surfaces but can be a literal pain when walking on sharp rocks and gravel.

But if you’ll be regularly treading on well beaten paths and pavement, the cushioning at the heels cushions the feet nicely and reduces impact substantially. You’ll have no problem walking through water either as the waterproofing layer works great and will keep you dry through rain and snow.

You probably won’t find this the best pair of shoes for hardcore hiking trips but because of the superior comfort and fit I’d say it’s a good option for someone with an active lifestyle.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus

To save time I’ll be breaking out the best all-inclusive shoe. The Columbia Newton Ridge Plus is an all-round great hiking shoe. That’s probably why it’s the best-selling hiking shoes on the market. This pair of hiking shoes have earned a bunch of five-star ratings on a bunch of online retailers and has gained a ton of positive feedback from many customers.

Many hiking shoes aren’t the prettiest to look at, but that’s not the case with these. Available with leather, suede or mesh uppers and in a variety of colors, these shoes are more than just functional – they look pretty too.

This shoe features a technology what they call “Techlite midsole” which provides comfort and cushioning that will keep your feet from fatigue during long outdoor walks.

The full-grain leather and suede design will keep your feet from getting wet come snow or storm, but the mesh tongue will give your feet plenty of room to breathe and will keep you from getting uncomfortable during on a warmer day. Plus, the Omni-Grip technology that forms the bottom sole is made to keep you from slipping on pretty much any surface you can think of.

If you have wide feet, Newton Ridge Plus might be a good consideration. They manage to keep the feet nicely snug and supported without being constrictive and that’s because they’re made to be narrower at the heel for support and wider towards the toes, so your feet won’t feel like they’ve been forcefully stuffed into the shoes.

You won’t have to worry about breaking the shoes in, if you got the right size – they’ll feel great right out the box. But it’s recommended that you wear high socks as the inside can rub against your ankles, which will definitely get uncomfortable the more you walk in them.

The Newton Ridge Plus is also light enough to run in but durable enough that it’ll last a good amount of time before it starts to look and feel worn. At a cost of 75-230 USD a pair, these shoes are a bit pricey but will sustain heavy use and are worth the price so if you can afford these – get them.

Different sellers sell these shoes for different prices so make sure you do some research to find the best deal.

Merrell’s Moab 2 for Women


Merrell is known for designing and making comfortable shoes that fit your feet perfectly the moment you get them out of the box. One of the things you hear regularly about Merrell shoes is that they require no breaking in, the shoes won’t be stiff and foreign to your feet when you get them. Instead, they’ll fit like a glove. ‘Moab’ stands for Mother-Of-All-Boots – and is no exception.

You’ll appreciate these shoes if you have wide feet, much like many other Merrell shoes, the Moab 2 features a spacious toe box. You won’t feel like you’re swimming in the shoes though, the contoured footbeds with arch and heel support will hold you securely in place.

The several bands of leather that wrap around the shoe from heel to toe are added reinforcement and increase the overall stability of the shoe. Merrell has made these shoes as versatile as possible so that you can confidently wear them for various occasions. The shoes are good for a long hiking trip or just a walk in the park. You won’t have achy feet at the end of a long day of walking as the Moab 2 just feels like an extension of the foot.

The upper is made of leather and mesh which rests on a Vibram outsole that provides excellent traction whether you’re climbing up a log or running up a rocky slope. The mesh that makes up the upper is made of a material known as M Select which essentially keeps water out but allows sweat to evaporate which makes these shoes good for both wet and dry seasons.

Despite the M Select material, if you’ll be wearing them in very warm conditions your feet will get stuffy and sweaty. These comfortable shoes are suitable for most situations, they’re great all round and can be worn for a variety of activities.

Vasque Breeze Lt

Vasque Breeze Lt

This good-looking pair of shoes is held in high regard by many satisfied customers and especially among backpackers but these shoes are great for every-day wear.

The Vasque Breeze comes in a variety of colors and is great an option if you’re looking to buy a lightweight shoe that doesn’t slack on comfort and stability. Because of its Vibram Litebase outsole with the additional Megagrip compound, this shoe is light but will keep you from slipping on most surfaces, including on snow and in mud. It takes all kinds of rough treatment to wear out these outsoles and they’ll definitely serve you for a good while. Although this pair of boots aren’t as supportive and stable as heavy mountaineering boots, the Breeze will still keep your ankles from rolling if you’re walking on rocky ground.

The primary reason that the Vasque Breeze is so comfortable is the thin EVA foam midsole which absorbs shock nicely and will keep your feet well protected from the jagged rocks you’ll probably encounter if you’re trudging around on rough terrain. The Gore-Tex layer is perfect for wet seasons and swampy areas. The waterproof layer does its job well and will keep your socks nice and dry.

Although this shoe is good, it has a few downsides that are worth considering. First and most importantly, the Vasque Breeze is significantly narrow by design. Many people have complained that this shoe is too narrow and difficult to fit into if you have wide feet.

Another downside that should be noted noting is that the Breeze is not the most durable boot out there, a few customers have mentioned that they have noticed that the shoe is starting to prematurely show signs of wear, especially near the instep. Although the outsole of the boot is highly wear-resistant, the upper area is prone to peeling.

Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 MID

Salomon Women's X Ultra 3 MID GTX W Hiking Boots

This boot is Salomon’s signature hiking boot and it does not disappoint. Many praise this shoe for its comfort, weight, durability and excellent traction. Although this shoe isn’t as lightweight as the Vasque Breeze it’s no block of concrete either.

The reason for it’s weight is that it’s made predominantly of synthetic outer materials and although it’ll allow you to walk further without weighing you down, the material makes it less durable and less supportive. It provides sufficient protection from sharp rocks with a thick, soft midsole and nice cushioning around the ankle and tongue which means your feet will be nice and snug and the toe cap is a nice addition because everyone will trip over a stone sometime and we all know how painful a stubbed toe can be.

As for the traction of this shoe, the arrow-shaped lugs handle difficult terrain without a problem. They provide enough bite for hikers to comfortably make their way over mud, snow and loose dirt. And Salomon has taken it a step forward by adding what they call Descent Control Technology which basically means that climbing walking downhill will be less of a pain.

At the heel, the of the lugs on the outsole reverse, giving you additional traction and making sure you don’t slip and fall backwards on a steep downwards stretch. Although the Salomon X Ultra 3 MID rises up to the ankles and provides enough support for most people, it won’t provide as much support as many other boots with higher tops. If you’re someone who needs lot’s of ankle support you may want to pick another one of the shoes on this list.

These shoes come in both Gore-tex and non-waterproof versions. The version without the waterproof layer is better suited for warm weather as it’ll give you good air circulation and keep your feet from getting sweaty and uncomfortable. But if it’s the wet season or you suspect that you might be crossing water at some point, I recommend the waterproof version – it works, as long as you don’t linger with your feet in a stream.

These shoes are nice and roomy at the front but not so much that they compromise stability which is exactly what you’re looking for if you have wide feet.

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots - Women's

If you’ve been looking around for a durable boot that will provide excellent ankle support, look no further. The Lowa Renegade GTX isn’t what you’d call a lightweight boot, but the build quality is excellent, and it’ll last much longer than most lightweight hiking shoes. Also, if you need superior ankle support for particularly difficult terrain, these shoes are exactly what you want to get.

The ankle collar on these shoes reaches higher than others on this list and the insides of the collar are well cushioned and they’ve been designed to give your feet space to flex and move around comfortably. You’ll probably need superior traction too if you’re going to be hiking over difficult terrain which is why the soles of the Renegade GTX are aggressively grippy although a bit stiff.

Because the upper is made of leather, it’s much more stable and water-resistant than other lighter-weight hiking boots but it is substantially heavier. The durability of these shoes is excellent though as there isn’t any mesh for the rocks to tear, the Renegade will definitely last longer and work harder. You’ll find that the Renegade is made up of several pieces of leather and it’s seams will eventually come apart after heavy use which is why the shoes sill benefit from Seam Grip and leather treatment.

The fit on these shoes is excellent – snug, comfortable and supportive for the foot yet roomy enough that you won’t feel squished inside. You’ll find that the leather and felt insole paired with the tailored upper fits the foot right out the box and Lowa provides a wide range of sizes so you won’t have a problem finding a pair that fits you perfectly. The Lowa Renegade is waterproof but unfortunately, it’s leather makes it quite stuffy in the warm season.

Asolo Stynger GTX

Asolo Stynger GTX

The Asolo Stynger is the female version of the Asolo Fugitive – a shoe that has been popular with hikers and backpackers since it was first manufactured about a decade ago. This pair of shoes is particularly useful because of its tall ankle collar which makes it exceptionally waterproof and perfect for those who might need some extra ankle support on the trail.

For those of us with wide feet, the Stynger features a roomy toe box that so you won’t have to worry about annoying blisters. The spacey inside is useful for more than that reason though, it’s also very helpful in warm weather as it’ll keep your feet from getting overly sweaty due to compression. The whole upper is pulled together by an aluminum lacing system that’s usually found on mountaineering boots that keeps the feet firmly in place and adds to the supportive structure of the shoe.

The Stynger has a stiff sole and a reinforced toe cap with which you’ll be able to comfortably roam over rocky terrain pain free. The sole doesn’t wear easy. In fact, the whole shoe doesn’t wear easy, it’s so durable that most owners claim to have used it for years (up to eight) before it began to come apart. Because of the high ankle collar and Gore-Tex layer it will keep your feet nice and toasty in some very wet conditions, which is one of the reasons it made this list.

The Stynger is not what most would consider a lightweight shoe and a lot of its weight is concentrated in the dense PU midsole which is made to provide stiff support to your feet. You may find this a good thing or a bad thing depending on your purposes.

The stiff mid and outsole provides a stable and comfortable base for your feet to rest upon if you’re carrying a heavy pack. However, the stiff lower of the shoe isn’t rubbery and can be a bit slick on wet and very smooth surfaces. Overall, this is one of the best shoes out there and it definitely provides great value for its cost.

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